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How To Learn Business English You Can Actually Use. (6 Books) [Key Vocabulary]

If you are a beginner student then text books will be useful for you

intermediate: focus on topics because you need to start specializing

this article will give you two activities to

  • learn the business vocabulary you need to talk with your colleges
  • increase your English comprehension to understand your colleges
  • optional: Speaking technque know as the mirror method to improve your fluency in conversations with colleges

What we will then do is give you the 6 books we recommend to English students who want to learn business English.

Activity One: How To Learn New Vocabulary In Context 

This activity is called intensive reading and is one of the key activities you should be using to increase your vocabulary.      

The activity is best used with non-fiction...

  • Articles 
  • Business Books 
  • Blog posts

The idea is to pick an article or book about a topic you need to use a lot in English.

Read one paragraph, write down any words you don't know and do not look up the words yet. 

Once you have read the paragraph, write a summary about what you think the paragraph is talking about. 

Now look up the new words, read the same paragraph again and write one more summary.

The final thing you need to do is compare your first summary to your second summary, note what you got right and what you got wrong. 

Why is this activity useful?

Think... let's say you are writing down the words that you don't know.

You have read around 5 articles of the same topic or 4 chapters of a book.

You have learned a lot of new words, but the same 7-8 words keep appearing. 

These words are going to be more important to this topic than the others. 

This activity allows you to create a keyword map for each topic, allowing you to find out which are the most common words for this topic. 

For more information on Intensive reading and how to do this activity effectively then click here.

Activity Two: How To Use What You Know To Understand What You Don't Know In English

This activity is called extensive reading, it is designed to increase your English comprehension based on the context (using what you know to guess the meaning of what you don't know).

Extensive reading is best used with a narrative/ story. 

It can be used with non-fiction books if the author puts his information into a narrative, but should not be used with text books.

How you do intensive reading is...  

  • Read the chapter title and think what the chapter will be about. 
  • Read five to ten pages depending on how difficult the material is.
  • Do not stop to look at new words, but note the unknown words down simply try to follow the narrative. 
  • When you have finished your pages, write a short summary about the pages you have read. 
  • Look up half of the words
  • Go back and read the same material. 
  • Write another summary and compare your first summary to your last summary

Why is this activity useful?

It is impossible to understand 100% of English. 

Different nationalities will use different words to describe the same thing and with informal English the variations change between cities rather than countries. 

The most useful skill you can master to communicate effectively in English is to use what you know to get the gist of what is being said and then asking questions for more information if you need to. 

This activity is the best way to practice and improve this skill.

Activity Three: How To Improve Your Speaking Using The Mirror Method

The mirror method is simply repeating what you hear someone say from a video. 

It is one of the most effective methods to use to increase your speaking fluency about any topic. 

  • When you first hear someone on the video speak, don't try to repeat the whole thing, this will be too difficult. 
  • Repeat the first few words before going onto the next few words. 
  • Once you have finished around one minute, then go back and try and repeat everything that this character said in one minute. 
  • If you cannot, start this activity again.

Why is this activity useful?

This activity is quite simple, but it stops you from doing one of the worst things you can do when you want to improve your English... Translating into Vietnamese!

When you translate something into Vietnamese in your head before speaking English, it slows down your response time and destroys your fluency. 

A lot of the activities we recommend are more about learning through association rather than directly translating. 

If you want more information about this activity then check out our free course on improving your listening speed. 

The second unit has this activity in a lot more detail.

Listen Like A Native Speaker!

Improve your listening speed to a native level

What Are The Best Books To Learn Business English You Can Actually Use?

We have chosen these books because they represent vocabulary that you will need to communicate with almost every department in English. 

The books are well written and easy to understand and have been written in a narrative format which is much closer to how native speaker will speak than a text book.

Business English Book One: The Personal MBA (Key Word Map)

What Types Of Business English Can I Learn?

Do you know that an MBA program can set you back by a 6-digit figure, yet there’s no strong evidence that an MBA improves business or career success?

In fact, many of the MBA concepts are outdated in our fast-changing business world. Josh Kaufman recommends that you save on MBA program fees, and use the time and resources for real-life education instead.

 “The Personal MBA” provides 248 short, vital business concepts, presented in easy to understand English, to help new entrepreneurs and experienced executives alike to fast-track their real-world learning for better results.

In this summary, we’ll give an overview of some of these concepts in 3 parts:

  • How businesses work
  • How people work
  • How systems work.

Key Ideas and Vocabulary 

More than 200 business concepts with definitions and examples.


Value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, finance, Understanding the human mind, work with yourself, working with others, understanding systems, analyzing systems, optimizing systems.

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Business English Book Two: The First 90 Days (Conversational Guide Language Partner)

What Types Of Business English Can I Learn?

The first few months of any career transition—be it a promotion, a new job or a lateral transfer—are critical and can determine if you succeed or fail in the new role.

This book presents a framework with strategies and tools to help shorten your learning curve and build momentum within the first 90 days of any new management role. You can apply the principles/strategies

(i) For any leadership level (from a junior manager to a CEO)

(ii) Any type of career transition (e.g. changes in company, job scope or location)

(iii) At both an individual and organizational level.

Here are some powerful insights  you can expect from this summary:
Find out what are the key transition traps to avoid, and what are the 10 transition strategies and principles you can use to build the right foundations for any new role

Learn proven transition-acceleration strategies and practical tips, including how to prepare yourself in advance, accelerate your learning, tailor your strategy, negotiate success, get early wins, build alignment, develop a winning team, cultivate alliances, manage yourself and accelerate others to multiply results.

Key Ideas and Vocabulary

For each of the 10 strategies summarized below, the book also includes (i) a short example to illustrate the associated transition challenges, (ii) a list of questions to help you apply the ideas to your transition, and (iii) various tools, assessments and checklists. 

Strategies for accelerating transitions:

  • Prepare in advance
  • Speed up your learning
  • Tailor your strategy to your role/situation
  • Negotiate success and manage expectations
  • Clinch early victories
  • Get alignment
  • Build up your team
  • Build alliances
  • Manage yourself
  • Accelerate everyone

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Business English Book Three: Never Split The Difference (Business Negotiation Vocabulary and Role-Play)

What Types Of Business English Can I Learn?

Learn active-listening skills, tips and tools that you can apply to build rapport.

Find out what’s tactical empathy, and how to use labeling to validate someone’s emotions and diffuse negative feelings.

Understand why you should invite someone to say “No”, how to extract it from your counterpart, and to move from “No” to “Yes”.

Discover the 2 magic words that can transform any negotiation, and how to get them.

Uncover how you can shape reality & perceptions, and find leverage in any situation to secure the best possible deal.

Learn why and how to create the Illusion of Control, to nudge the other party to reach the conclusion you want.

Find out what to expect when you face professional negotiators, and how to prepare yourself.

Discover how you can find Black Swans, or the “unknown unknowns”, to transform the outcome of your negotiations.

Learn how to put all these tips together into a 1-page negotiation sheet.

Key Ideas and Vocabulary

Establishing a rapport, Hypothesize; don't assume, listen fully, don't rush, use the right tone of voice, pause and encourage, handling aggression, show empathy and build trust, use no to create safety and momentum, use "that's right" for permission to persuade, shape reality and perceptions, create the illusion of control, ensure execution

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Business English Book Four: The 21 Irrefutable laws Of Leadership (Leadership Case Studies)

What Types Of Business English Can I Learn?

Become a more powerful and effective leader with these 21 Leadership Principles!

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”
The book covers 21 principles that help you to become a more powerful and effective leader, based on Maxwell’s insights from over 40 years of leadership successes, mistakes, and observations of leaders in business, politics, sports, military etc.

For each of these 21 Leadership Laws, Maxwell includes recommended actions that you can apply immediately to start improving your leadership and influence on multiple fronts.

Who should read this:
• Leaders and Management Executives
• Anyone interested to improve your leadership and influence.

Some Questions addressed:
• What are the 21 Laws of Leadership?
• How can I become a better and more effective leader?
• How can I build momentum and get multiplier effects through leadership?
• How do I build trust, influence and respect with others?
• How can I find the right people, empower and motivate my team?

Key Ideas and Vocabulary

the law of the LID, law of influence, the law of progress, the law of navigation, the law of addition, the law of solid ground, the law of respect, the law of magnetism, the law of intuition, the law of emporwement, the law of connection, the law of the inner circle, the law of the picture, the law of buy-in, the law of the big MO, The law of victory, the law of priorities, the law of sacrifice, the law of timing, the law of explosive growth, the law of legacy

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Book Five: Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t(Presentations, Meetings)

What Types Of Business English Can I Learn?

Scaling Up is a guidebook that explains the step-by-step process to overcome 3 key obstacles to growth and successfully scale up your business by 10 times.

Here are some key insights you can expect to take away from this book:
• Understand the 3 main obstacles to business growth;
• Discover the 4Ds to overcome these obstacles; and
• Learn how to build 4 key foundations—People, Strategy, Execution and Cash—that jointly work like a complete operating system to sustainably scale up your company over the next 2-6 years.]

Who should read this:
Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, managers and executives
Consultants and trainers

Key Ideas and Vocabulary

Key words/concepts covered: Business Growth, Management, Leadership, Stakeholders, Accountability, Execution, Implementing Strategy, Rockefeller Habits, Cash Flow, Scaling Up, Verne Harnish

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Business English Six: The 21 Irrefutable laws Of Leadership(Communicate With Marketing Coworkers)

Achieve marketing success with these powerful Laws of Marketing! 

This book presents 22 timeless laws of marketing that have stood the test of time, and can determine the success (or failure) of your marketing strategy. These laws are like the laws of nature–If you violate them, your marketing program is doomed to fail, regardless of what you  do.

Here are some powerful takeaways you can expect from this essential marketing resource:
• Learn 22 marketing principles that you can apply to any business;
• Discover the why perceptions are more crucial than products, and how to shape customers’ perceptions;
• Find out how to position and brand your business, to be at the top of your customers’ minds;
• Uncover the right approach to counter an existing market leader; and
• What it means to design your marketing strategy to be #1 or #2 in the market for long-term success.

Who should read this:
• Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
• Marketing and Business Executives

Key Ideas and Vocabulary

Key words/concepts covered:  Marketing, Branding, Positioning, Business, The Law of Leadership, The Law of the Category,  The Law of the Mind, The Law of Perception, The Law of Focus, The Law of Exclusivity, The Law of the Ladder, The Law of Duality, The Law of the Opposite, The Law of Division, The Law of Perspective, The Law of Line Extensions, The Law of Sacrifice,  The Law of Attributes, The Law of Candor, The Law of Singularity, The Law of Unpredictability, The Law of Success, The Law of Failure, The Law of Hype, The Law of Acceleration, The Law of Resources, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Al Ries, Jack Trout

Get The Audio Graphic Summary

Learn the business English you need with the book summary, audio summary and graphic guide for the key ideas in one of the best selling business books written in English!

Could You Express These Ideas In A Conversation?

We have given you activities and resources to improve your business communication. 

But without practicing these ideas in conversations it will be challenging to use them when you need to. 

Or you could have your English class planned around these resources and designed to bring you to fluency. 

Like How We Teach And Want To Study With Us?

All our students get free transcripts to improve their listening speed when they study. 


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