Can You Communicate With Your Co-Workers In English?

Or Is There A Lot Of Miscommunication?

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How We Teach:

Business Related Topics: Intermediate Students.

We focus only on topics that you need to use in Business environments. 

Topics like...

  • Challenges new managers face. 
  • Communicating with different departments. 
  • Communicating with your colleges from different countries in English.

The Most Common English Pronunciation Mistakes!

We figured out what the common pronunciation mistakes are for students. and we focus on these in each class.

This includes...

  • Constant feedback throughout the class. 
  • Lists of common words with these sounds.
  • Sentences specifically created to force students to pronounce these words. 

Homework Focusing On Improving Listening Ability.

In class we focus on speaking, but students still need to focus on improving their listening to have conversations. 

We have developed our own activities and have material to...

  • Improve your listening speed. 
  • Develop your key vocabulary lists for each topic. 
  • Increase your comprehension of topics even if you don't understand 100%

What Our Students Are Saying:

We have been studying with Ryan for almost 3 years. He always corrects our pronunciation and I have improved my English level with his help.


He was very approachable and patient during the class. He also gave me lots of help in the pronunciation. Surely book for the next lesson.


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This class we will be focusing mainly on pronunciation because it's one of the biggest things our students want to improve. 

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