Can You Communicate With Your Co-Workers In English?

Or is there a lot of miscommunication?

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Why We Teach Like This

When you are studying English you need two things...

  1. Practice with Feedback: English Learners need to understand where they are making mistakes when they are using English.
  2. Effective Studying In Your Free Time: Reading and Listening are absorbing English, while Writing and Speaking are producing English.

Working directly with our students we combine dedicated Practice with Feedback and build our study guides for students individual problems learning English. 


Have We Made A Study Guide That Will Help You?

  • "Native English Speakers talk too fast".
  • "I don't have enough vocabulary to understand".
  • "How do I improve My English".
  • "How Can I improve my English Pronunciation".


Check what our students say about us

"It was nice to talk with Ryan for the first time. He is such an interesting and positive person. I like that he asks challenging questions during the class because it makes my learning process more effective. In addition, he absolutely knows what he is doing. He doesn't only teach well but he supports you when you're struggling. See you!:)"

Sarah James

Online Class

I really loved the class, Ryan is very nice. He really helps with pronunciation and the lesson was focus on my goals and needs. I already booked another lesson.


Online Class

He was very approachable and patient during the class. He also gave me lots of help in the pronunciation. Surely book for the next lesson.


Online Class

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